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Evidence that spanking alters the brain

© 2021 Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., all rights reserved As disciplinary tactics go, spanking is ineffective, and it may be harmful, too. A new study suggests that spanking alters the brain, making kids more reactive to potential threats, and more at risk for developing behavior...

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How to communicate with your teenager: Key signals to send

Families are better off when teenagers communicate openly with their parents. But how do we inspire better communication? An experimental study shows the way: We need to provide kids with crucial signals of active, supportive listening. Not only does it make kids feel...

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Outsmart Your Toddler With This Genius Sunscreen Hack

Putting sunscreen on a toddler is an art form that many attempt but few have mastered. It requires a certain combination of patience, artistry, and quick reflexes. If your toddler isn't the biggest fan of sitting still while you coat them with sun-protecting goop,...

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Shortage of Mental Health Beds Keeps Kids Trapped Inside ERs

What's known as emergency room boarding of psychiatric patients has risen between 200% and 400% monthly in Massachusetts during the pandemic — and the problem is widespread. The CDC says emergency room visits after suicide attempts among teen girls were up 51% earlier...

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Entertain and Educate Babies With These 15 Lamaze Toys

Lamaze is best known for its breathing techniques that you use during childbirth, but did you know that it is a resource for parents well beyond the pregnancy stage? According to Lamaze International, "Our goal is simple: We want all parents to feel confident,...

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Health benefits of religion: Are religious kids better off?

© 2021 Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., all rights reserved Studies link religion with health benefits, but that doesn’t mean that being religious makes us healthy. What’s more likely is that religion is one of many ways that people can find social and emotional support, and...

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